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Kamilion Locomotive is located in Michigan. About 60 miles north of Detroit, it offers a chance to be near enough to access the rich resources, but far enough away to enjoy your surroundings! This little community of Metamora is very quiet and peaceful. For many years, John lived in the city of Detroit with his family. Too much noise and congestion so up to Metamora for John, the family and Kamilion Locomotive. This is where the smiley face goes!

  Kamilion Locomotive has a line of locomotives from the late 1940’s to the late 1960’s, in styles that are different from other model locomotive manufacturers of 1.6 scale diesel locomotives.

  Kamilion Locomotive is introducing a different concept of locomotive to the 1.6 hobby. Most gas/hydraulic locomotives on the market are powered with an 8 to 18 H.P gasoline motor, driving a simple pump and “log splitter” control valve. This system works and is rugged; however it is quite difficult to operate smoothly. The hobby has steadily moved from the circle, or follow, the caboose, type of operation to a more realistic switching operation. Attempting to use most gas/hydraulic locomotives while switching can be a very frustrating experience.

  The hydraulic pump used on all Kamilion locomotives allows infinite speed control using a single handle. The handle also includes horn, light and brake controls Electric locomotives use a 36 volt “golf cart type” motor. The motor is “geared” down to achieve an unprecedented load capacity. All “golf cart” locomotives are fully capable of hauling 30 or more cars or equivalent cars & passengers. The electric locomotive will run approximately 9 continuous hours before recharging, utilizing the on-board charger. A second style of electric locomotive is offered using axle mounted motors. These locomotives are primarily intended to be switching locomotives although they will handle 15 or more cars.

  All locomotives are constructed using a 3/8 steel plate as the basis of the chassis. This makes for a stronger pilot/chassis than the usual 1/8” or ¼” built up chassis. Locomotives can be ordered with working clasp brakes on gas/hydraulic or electric trucks and disc brakes on electric locomotives only. Brake cylinders are made in-house and are prototype in appearance and function. Cylinders are fully field repairable should the need ever arise.

  *At this time only COMPLETE LOCOMOTIVES or COMPLETE TRUCKS are offered.

  There are also a limited number of parts offered. (Please see the parts page.)






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